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Welcome to the wiki which just exists for thanking donors! It exists because we needed something at * in order to be able to hide banners on Wikipedia, for browsers which block cross-domain cookies (phab:T251780).

Please report any thank you page issues in the Phabricator project.

As of March 2021 all Thank You pages use {{Thank You 2021}}. All use the JavaScript at MediaWiki:Common.js.

The TY pages have some conditional logic in the JavaScript. URL parameters country, payment_method, and recurringConversion may be passed which change the display. Examples:

English page in the US - default version
English page in the US - Endowment featured version
Primary CTA = Endowment, Secondary CTAs = Survey, Store
English page in Canada and UK
Primary CTA = Survey, Secondary CTA = Store, Legacy info
English page in AU, NZ, IE
Primary CTA = Survey, Secondary CTA = Store
English page in India
Primary CTA = "Try editing Wikipedia"
English page in another country
Primary CTA = Survey, No secondary CTAs
English page in the US, monthly convert
"We will send you a second receipt for your recurring gift, which will begin processing next month."
English page in US, bitcoin payment
Extra message about receipt time
French page in France
French page in Canada
Includes Store CTA
Hebrew page

Category:Thank You page Category:Thank You page with active survey


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